Can dentures be whitened?

Can dentures be whitened? I’ve had my dentures for over 10 years and they look dull. Can anything done to make them whiter? – Thanks Jean H.

Jean – Dentures can be whitened, but they won’t get whiter than they were when you first received them. And whitening dentures is not the same as whitening natural teeth.

Plaque and bacteria build up on dentures just as they would your natural teeth. Dentures should be thoroughly cleaned daily, just as natural teeth should be. You can soak your dentures in over-the-counter solution made specifically for dentures.

If you’ve tried denture cleaning solutions and they haven’t worked, speak with your dentist. He or she can professionally clean and polish your dentures.

Dentures that are very old and worn may need to be replaced. Even if you need new dentures, current technology can provide you with natural-looking dentures that are custom-fitted for you.

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